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Self Love Coaching

Helping Empower Women Through Self Care & Self Love


Shelly has a mission to empower women to gain control of their lives. Through proper techniques of Self Care & Self Love you can do just that! Shelly, like so many other women, has suffered with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and negative self talk in the past. Through her own journey of SELF LOVE she has overcome those obstacles and wants to help guide other women to do the same!

Are you ready to learn more about....

💙 Self Realization
💙 Unconditional Love Embodiment
💙 Enhanced Personal Awareness
💙 Freedom from Harmful Conditioning & Programming
💙 Holistic Wellbeing (mental, emotional, physical & spiritual)

If you're ready to love yourself and... 
💙 Wake up with a positive outlook on life, setting goals and actually reaching them!

💙 Find joy in nourishing your body through self-care, instead of it feeling like a chore

💙 Feel confident and beautiful no matter where you go or what you wear

💙 Stop overthinking and put an end to your inner bully

💙 Crush through mental blocks and limiting beliefs

💙 Get insights into your past, your patterns & behaviors

💙 Create a deep connection with your intuition and easily act in alignment with your goals and values



Your thoughts lead to your actions, which creates your life. Understand how to cultivate impactful habits and maintain motivation. Transform your mind, transform your life!


Understand who you are on a whole new level through connecting with your inner divine feminine. Cultivate intuition and self-trust through powerful energy healing practices.


Revolutionize the way you see and treat your body. Discover the power of Intuitive Eating, Mindful Movement, Beauty Regimen and Integrative Wellness. Develop lasting confidence and finally have a body you truly love.