*$25 Cancellation Fee within 24 hrs of Your Appointment*




*$25 Cancellation Fee within 24 hrs of Your Appointment*

Eyelash Extensions

50% Off 2 Week Fill with 

Purchase of a Full Set of Lashes!


Classic Lashing is a technique in which a single extension is applied to one, isolated natural lash. Classic lashes are perfect for adding length and some fullness to your natural lash line.

Classic Full Set  - $149

2 Week Fill -$60

3 Week Fill - $85


Hybrid Lashes are a combination of Classic and Volume Eyelash techniques to achieve a fuller look.

Hybrid Full Set  - $179

2 Week Fill - $70

3 Week Fill - $90


Volume Lashing is a technique used to achieve a fuller, fluffier look. With this method, anywhere between 3-8 super fine extensions are fanned out and applied to a single natural lash. This is the perfect solution if you have sparse lashes or gaps.

Volume Full Set  -$199

2 Week Fill - $75

3 Week Fill - $95

Signature Design - $275

Luxurious Signature Designer Set will blow your mind away! This set encompasses a strip lash look along with complete personalized lash design made


Russian Volume - $299

Russian Volume Lashes (also known as 2D – 8D lashes) breaks through that limitation by having anywhere from 2 to 8 super fine extensions applied to a single natural eyelash, SAFELY. The procedure takes around 2 1/2-3 hours.

Eyelash Lift & Tint - $100

What is a Lash Lift and Tint? A lash lift-and-tint treatment involves two separate processes, both designed to give you beautiful, fluttery eyelashes for weeks. The lash lift mimics the effect of an eyelash curler. Tinting the hair will temporarily dye the hairs. 

Flowers and Tranparency

$50 Off Bring a Friend Special!


Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique used to create the illusion of fuller brows.

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Hairstrokes - $450

Blade & Shade - $500

Ombre Blade & Shade - $500

Tattoo Removal -

$150 per session


Skin Tightening - Plasma Fibroblast

Prices Vary Depending on Area

30% Off January Special!

Fibroblast is an absolute revolutionary procedure which requires zero surgery. It is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment that is designed to tighten and lift the skin, shrinking excess skin, crow’s feet, bags and wrinkles. It is known to be radical in wrinkle smoothing and eyelid tightening, reducing hooded eyelids.


Reduce Stress And Relieve Psychological Distress, Prevent Aging, Promote Blood Circulation, Detoxify the Skin, Even Skin Tone, Treat Acne/Scars. Glowing Skin is left behind!

Rejuvenating Facial - $120

Microneedling - $150

Microdermabrasion - $150

LED Facial - $150

Back Facial - $100 and up


Dermaplaning -$80 to 120


Dermaplaning provides an effective and safe exfoliation treatment that promotes deeper product penetration, making the skin look and feel smoother. It is also beneficial for reducing the appearance of acne scars.

Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is a keratin treatment that slicks the hairs up in a desired direction and shape allowing the brows to appear fuller and thicker. 

Brow Lift, Wax, & Tint - $75

Brow Lift & Wax - $50

Brow Tinting

Brow Tint & Wax - $35

Henna Tint & Wax - $65



Brazilian - $60 & up

Bikini - $40 & up

Full Leg - $45 & up

Half Leg - $35 & up

Underarm - $20 & up

Eyebrow - $15

Full Face - $45

Chin - $15

Lip - $15


Lip Blush - $600 

This new semi-permanent trend improves the natural shape of the lips while perfecting symmetry and color. Call for a Free Consultation today!


 (Includes 1 Free Touchup)


Wedding? Homecoming? Graduation? 

We will surpass your expectations!

Professional Makeup Application  - $80 & up

Massage Therapy

60 Min - $85

90 Min - $105

120 Min - $120


Three (60 Min) - $200

Three (90 Min) - $240


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